Thursday, May 24, 2018

Love, laughter and smooth sailing

Well hello there!
It's been a while since I've been here on my blog.  Life is whirring by.  When I stand back and look at the things that occupy me, it's not much "on paper", but oh how it fills my time!  Mine is a simple life, but a very rich one.  I am indeed blessed. 😄

These cards were made a while back, and it just so happens that they were waiting in draft form in Blogger for me to post.  Makes it easy on this busy morning.  I have to take my cat, Cristabel, to the vet this morning.  She's been throwing up A LOT in the past day.  On Tuesday night, I had given her some new treats from a company called "Get Naked" - Furball Relief Semi-Moist Treats.  I'm not exactly sure this is the cause of all the vomiting, but it's the only different thing in her routine.  The vet asked me to bring the bag of treats with me for the visit.  Poor Cristabel.  She's such a sweet cat, and we hate to see her feeling so poorly.

With the exception of the first card in this post, all the rest have something to do with water.  Speaking of boats and water, part of what has been keeping me so very busy is attending regattas on the weekends for our youngest daughter.  She's a rower on the Crew team at her high school.  When you attend a regatta, it's an all-day deal.  Many times she had an 8:00 am rowing time slot, and the kids have to be there two hours ahead of time.  So we'd get up super early and have her to the boats by 6:00.  Then we (the parents) wait.  The rowers go by so fast, so we don't see them for very long, but oh how exciting it is to watch!  After they row back up to where they started, they've got to de-rig the boat for travel back to our local boathouse.  Then the kids walk to the food tents (where all the spectators/parents are), and maybe catch a couple more teammates' races before heading home.  Yep, full day.  And we've done it in all kinds of weather, mostly the not-good kind.  😏  We've had snow, hail, rain, wind, clouds, FREEZING temps, and occasionally, a nice sunny day (but that's rare this year).  It's like camping every weekend.  And I'm not a camper.  LOL

She's had a tremendous year, and earned three medals!!  We're so proud of her!  She is in great shape, has more discipline than ever before (these kids practice before school from 5-7 a.m.), and has learned a great deal about the power, stamina and endurance she has within her.  💖

I had to take a close up pic to show you the 'waves':  they're made of ripped vellum.  I mounted them on a piece of watercolor paper that had been gently washed with blue paint, then die cut with a Spellbinders Large Deckled Rectangles die.  Also cut the same out of craft foam to layer beneath the panel.  Then I glued a piece of jute rope around the scene, creating a nautical frame.

This last card is super simple, and I made it for a child.  It uses craft foam stickers (sun, waves, palm trees) from a dollar store.

That's it for me for now; time to get Cristabel packed into her carrier, and that's a real job!
Have a blessed day!

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