Monday, January 16, 2017

Elephant & Chevrons for baby

I just wanted to say hello. It's been a while.

In mid-November, I was experiencing some discomfort in my back (I've had some back issues in the past).  I was visiting my chiropractor to be treated for it.  Usually, his adjustments help me. But, one day, my entire right leg (on the outer side) including the foot...went numb.

Scared the life out of me.
My leg was numb, and it was very painful to sit for anything more than 5 or 10 minutes.
In the months since then, I have spent many, many hours lying flat on the floor, took steroid packs to reduce the swelling, iced my back over and over and over again, and began physical therapy twice a week shortly before Christmas.  I'm still doing PT, and continue with my exercises to be done at home.

I've got a herniated disc or discs, and people ask, "What did you do to yourself??"
Honestly, I don't know what was the straw that broke the camel's Colleen's back.
Apparently, I've got arthritis in some of the discs on my spine.
I sit for almost 10 hours total each day, five days a week, working full time, hunched over a computer.
I have a hobby that involves lots of sitting (wink).
And, admittedly, I don't exercise enough.

Slowly, I am getting better, but it's taking a while.

I just wanted to say hello and let you know I have missed being in this blog space with those of you who visit.  I hope you had a beautiful holiday season, a blessed Christmas, and spent precious time with loved ones.

Planning to come here again as soon as I am able.
Until then, many blessings to you!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry to hear you have been in pain! :( I love your card! That elephant is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stella said...

Poor you; Colleen I am so sorry to hear you have so much pain. Diagnosed with a herniated disc or disc takes a lot of time. I hope the physical therapy will bring relieve and enables you to have better days with less pain. I hope that you can avoid surgery to solve this. Thinking of you; sending a big hug!!

Marisa said...

Such a darling card, Colleen! Love that elephant.

SO sorry to hear about your back!! Not fun to spend Christmas in pain and have to suffer going onward ((hugs))!! Avoid surgery if at all possible. Physio and strengthening your core for support/stability of your back should help a ton. Sitting is the worst thing for our backs...need a large range of motion to keep things limber and moving well. I have to remind myself to move around and not just sit all time as it is easy to let the hours sail by and not move. Hugest of hugs to you my friend!! Will check with to get his input.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Colleen, I know what you're going through. I was struck down two Octobers in a row. My leg felt like a block of wood. The first time I was just sitting reading in the evening and my back started hurting more and more. The next morning any movement was indescribably painful. Thankfully my husband was home and could drive me to the doctor. The second time it went on for months and became very worrisome. However, it seems to have resolved with only minor pain now and then. I take Aleve at the first sign. Yes, it was a herniated disc and who knows why? There is hope for you with the proper care which I know you'll see to.

Now I want to tell you how dearly I love your baby card. So sweet with the pink chevron background, the scallops, and the ellie. Absolutely darling! Thanks for popping in with an update. Your pain has gone on too long and I hope you're pain-free soon.

Paperesse said...

The card is darling, Colleen, as always, but what is most important here to me and deserves most of my comment, is your back! I'm so, so sorry to hear you are having this pain. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better for you. Know that all your crafty friends (me amongst them!) are thinking of you and sending healing, positive thoughts your way. Abracadabra . . . here's to speeding your healing, dear friend!

lisa808 said...

What a cute card!

So sorry to hear of your medical problem. My best wishes to feel better. Take care of yourself.

Naomi Edwards said...

Hi Colleen, I found your blog through Sandy Edward's blog "Delightfully Crazy" Your card is super sweet, I love the little Elephant and the chevron rocks!
Wow it must be crazy hard to deal with such pain day in and day out, my heart goes out to you as I have suffered in the past with pain as well. I was diagnosed with a rare MS at the same time my son was diagnosed with Autsim. Today we are rocking this world and have a very happy home and the pain is never as bad as it was. That is what I am wishing for you, I hope you can get it dealt with and taste life again, if not keep finding windows that allows you to shine such as this very card. I never write this much, lol , I wish you a great night's sleep, it was nice to meet you! Hugs

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