Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hay there

Hello there!  Or, hay there, as my card says!

Just popping in with a quick post to show my face, so to speak, and let you know I'm alive.  😀

Since I was last here, so much has happened in life around here.  My youngest daughter went to France with her high school French class, and she LOVED it. Shortly after that, she had her first prom, and oh my, she looked like a princess!  Pics are further below.

Here's the know, a little farm humor.

Studio Calico - wooden horse ; Papertrey Ink Barnyard Sentiments ;American Crafts - Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm patterned paper

And here's my girl.  ❤️

Her date - her boyfriend - is handsome and sweet, and such a gentleman, too.  They made a nice couple for the prom!

Thanks for joining me here today!
God bless you!


Lisa Elton said...

What a cute card Colleen, but my goodness...your pretty princess and her beau steal the show for me!

Paperesse said...

Cute card and even cuter daughter! She looks absolutely lovely, Colleen. You have reason to be proud. And I'm so glad she liked France!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Life does keep you hopping, doesn't it! Oh, my goodness, your daughter looks so pretty in her prom dress with her hair all done up. It's wonderful that she was able to have a trip to France. These are the times she'll never forget. I just love your cute little "Hay there" card! It gives me a giggle and looks pretty doing it!

Unknown said...

Cute play on words on the card - too fun :)

Love the pictures!! Such a beautiful dress and daughter. Janina went to France and England for two weeks summer of grade 11 and though it was a tough trip because she got food poisoning on the plane ride over and suffered most of the trip, in retrospect she loved all she saw.

They grow up quickly, don't they! I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact she is getting married next May! Time keeps marching on!

Hope all is well with you and the family. Huge ((hugs))!


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