Thursday, March 24, 2022

Orange Lilacs

Hello friends!  This is a bit different:  orange lilacs.  Here's how this came to be.  I had purchased this PSX Lilac stamp from an online sale site, and when it arrived, I wanted to test it to be sure it stamped well.  I chose a cardstock color that I don't use a lot of, in case the stamped image was less than desirable.  Then I wouldn't feel badly about tossing it, if it was no good. 😊

But, the lilacs stamped well so I saved the image.  I trimmed it out, and added it to a gardening book page (fitting!) and added a strip of orange patterned paper plus a few other elements.

PSX Lilacs; Stampin' Up! Fancy Fibers; pearls; old gardening book page

My daughter saw it and loved it.  This gave me the confidence to go ahead and post it, even if it is a bit different.

Thanks for your visit!


Lisa Elton said...

Nothing wrong with different, Colleen! Lilacs are my favorite flower, I'll take them in any and all colors! PRETTY card! Thanks so much for the sweet card you sent me. Hope all is well XO

Paperesse said...

I think your daughter was absolutely right! Why waste this lovely?! Nothing wrong with an orange lilac. Let's call it creative license, which you've exercised beautifully on this card. Love it! Have a nice crafty weekend, my friend!

Bonnie said...

I love orange flowers and this is an awesome stamp, Colleen!

Leslie Miller said...

Different is good. I love it!

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