Saturday, July 8, 2017

Catching Up

Hi there!  I'm catching up!  This post is jam-packed with pics of cards that I've made for the shop, Arts Plus Gallery. Of course, the Mother's Day ones are not there anymore, but the rest are for sale, if you are interested.

Do you like to sew?  I found out about a non-profit group called, Dress A Girl Around The World, and they can always use our help.  A couple of kind ladies at my local church told me about this organization.  They need volunteers to help sew simple dresses to be given to girls in need around the world.  In one particular case, according to the lady I spoke with at church, there are young girls in Africa who walk a long distance to school.  There are uniforms the girls need to wear when they get to school, but they are not allowed to bring the uniforms home; those need to be kept at the school. Since these children are so poor, they do not have proper clothes to wear on the journey to and from classes. Because they are defenseless and barely-clothed, they are often attacked on the road. Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

That's where Dress A Girl Around The World comes in.

They ship pretty, simple dresses made by volunteers like you and me to the children. They get to keep their very own dress, and can wear it under their school uniform. You've got to see the sweet faces on the website's home page. Those kids have likely never seen such beautiful clothes, let alone owned them, and there's something really awesome about these dresses:  each one is sewn with a Dress A Girl label on the front.  This helps keep predators at bay, because it shows that these girls are being cared for by an organization and are LOVED.  What a wonderful way to share love with little ones around the globe, and help them stay safer.

I hope to sew some of these dresses myself soon.  If you are interested in helping the organization, please visit their website. Thank you, and God bless you!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Leslie Miller said...

Oh, dear, those little girls in their dresses look so pretty, and what a worthwhile cause! We take so much for granted while others have so little. Speaking of pretty... you have a lovely line up of cards today! It's such a pleasure to see them all together like this. It must be a lot of fun to look through them at the shop. Two favorites are the new home and the baby card, but all your designs are a delight!

Marisa said...

You have been busy!! Think the second card with the flower cluster on the dies is my favorite. Go figure that is one of the MS punches I never got LOL! What a FABULOUS organization too!!! Makes me want to learn how to sew just to help out. May mention this to the HS sewing teacher as it would be such a wonderful project for them to do in class. thanks for the link!

Paperesse said...

Wow! These are all beautiful cards, Colleen. You're on a roll lately! It's always doing the blog post part that's the toughest, isn't it?! I think the sewing cause is a very worth cause indeed for those who sew. Hugs, Shani

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