Saturday, July 8, 2017

Christmas at the North Pole

A Christmas card at the end of May?  Sure, why not! I make 'em all year long. :-)

This is one of my favorites, because it's so frosty-looking.  The background is a piece of white glitter cardstock, the perfect backdrop for a North Pole scene.

Below is a better look at the glitter, and a tiny tag made with

The stamp set I used is Winter Groves by Paper Smooches.  I did go back over the penguin with a black marker after I stamped him.  It helped give it a much darker, deeper color.

Hope your summer is going well so far!  We've spent a lot of time in our pool.  A vacation is not in the cards for us so our backyard is our oasis, and I really enjoy spending time in it with my favorite people in the whole world. :-)


Leslie Miller said...

The end of May? That must be when you made it because here we are in July already and I can hardly believe it. Sure do love that glittery background! A perfect setting, indeed! I'm trying to do at least one Christmas card a month. Been doing more than one most months, but it's harder in the summer.

Marisa said...

This is just too cute :) Hope all is well with you and yours and first year uni went well. J had a fabulous year and gets to be a collegium assistant next year (they have three locations on campus for commuters to be able to hang, study, socialize, keep their lunches in fridges, charge their phones etc. before, between and after classes so they don't have to go to a coffee shop off campus) which will be absolutely fabulous experience for her in so many ways. She took a step of faith and stretched herself by applying, originally got told no places left but they liked her so much they wanted to put her on a reserve list and two days later she got the email saying she was in - God is good! Also got another academic scholarship ($5,600 this time so $1600 more than last year as her GP was higher) so we are very proud of her and love watching her blossom in so many ways. B continues to be a reffing machine, and we are dealing with octogenarian parents which can be quite challenging at times as they are both downsizing so we are definitely living the sandwich geneartion! Hugest of ((hugs)) to you my friend!

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