Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello everyone!  It feels like a loooong time since I've been here.  Last week was a heavy-post week for me, with many projects to show.  Those were all scheduled in advance (thank heavens for that Blogger tool!), while behind the scenes I was busy with lots of other 'life' things.

First, let me show you a card of mine that is currently published in the July/August 2012 issue of Paper Crafts Magazine:

It never fails to make me happy, seeing one of my projects in a magazine.  :)

I used a set by Stampin' Up! called Homegrown for the sentiment label as well as the artichokes.  I LOVE this set.

What's been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks?  eBay, for one.  I put over 90 items up for auction, with most selling.  The majority of those items were SU stamp sets that I no longer use.  If you have ever put something for sale on eBay, you know how much time it takes to do the whole process (photograph, upload,  inspect each item carefully for the write-up, weigh and figure postage options - and if it sells - print out packing slips, calculate combined shipping if need be, print postage, package each item(s) and head to the post office).  Some of my auctions are ending in the next couple of days, so I anticipate more busy-ness!

I did a home decor project for my 14YO's bedroom, too.  Did you ever see THIS Martha Stewart project, for turning a picture frame into a customized bulletin board?  I took some black high-gloss spray paint, Homasote board (Home Depot will cut it to size for you), an old frame, and gorgeous lavender moire fabric (extra remnants from a friend who made her bridesmaids' dresses with it) for the project.  The frame is old, from my grandmother's home.  It had been spray-painted gold when it lived with her:

And the end result --


It was a relatively quick project (waiting for paint to dry was the longest part), and gave my daughter's room a punch of sophistication and practicality.

Another thing I've been up to:  the attic.  We have a walk-up attic that needed insulation.  The company came and did it for us on Monday, but in the two days prior to that, we had to bring down nearly EVERY box that is stored up there.  All the boxes and various items are stacked around my (small) house, including in every bedroom, living and dining rooms, basement and even the front porch!  Yikes.  We are going through each box before putting it back, so we can give some things away.  Oh, and did I mention it's been 100 degrees here in New Jersey?  Yep.  The attic is even hotter, even though the windows are open.  There are more boxes to go through and put back, but for today I am taking it easy.  The humidity is quite high here, and I'm having trouble breathing (I've had asthma my whole life).  

I'm horribly behind in visiting blogs; please forgive me.  I'll get back in the groove soon! 



Jinny Newlin said...

HUGE congrats, Col! Your creations are absolutely beautiful, and this one is no exception!

I did a similar project for Adina's room, too. Although, I left off the frame, added a little padding, and crossed ribbons over it, anchoring them with upholstery tacks at their junctions. LOVE that it matches her bedroom perfectly, since I just used leftover fabric from her baby quilt.

This heat is killing me, too, girl! I have absolutely no energy and wake up just as tired as I went to bed. Sigh. Is it fall yet? Hugs!

Marisa said...

Yeah for the publication :) Card is great! Love the remake on the frame!! What a great idea.

Well done on your eBay auctions too! I'm going to an LSS garage sale this weekend to see if I can clear out a bunch of stuff. Third year I've done it and it is a great way to send some things to a new home for some love and get some $$ to buy some "wish list" goodies. I have a basement to go through this summer myself.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Congrat's on being published!!! It's a fabulous card and I am so happy for you.

Sounds like you have been busy busy busy and good for you for giving up those old sets.....I'm still hanging on to mine, just in case I ever scrapbook again? lol.

It's hot in Bakersfield, Cali too! So I can sympathize with you. hard to do anything, but most of us have an A/C which makes it nicer.

Congrat's again!

Lin said...

Congrats, Colleen, on your publication! It's a winner, I agree! And good for you for cleaning out things you don't use anymore......wish I could get motivated to do the same....

Jocelyn Olson said...

I saw that card in PC--love it! The stamps are beautiful. Congrats! :) I love what you did with the frame--it turned out fantastic.

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Like I've said before - absolutely LOVED this card! It's sooo beautiful and has everything!!!
Hugs, Karin

Stella said...

You have been busy in the heat....The customized board for your daughter is so chic and stunning!

Congrats on being published; such a wonderful recognition for all the beauty you create. Enjoy the oh so well deserved fame:0

And being busy sorting the attick; it's on my wishlist:)

Please try to take a bit of time off to relax this summer..

Kristi said...

Wow! Congrats on being published! I remember seeing your card and thinking it was cute! I adore the artichokes!

Love the pin board you made for your daughter, it looks awesome! I be she loves it.

I had to chuckle about your attic: me and the hubs have been saying we were going to clean it out for the last year. Every time we look up there,we just shake our heads and walk away. we are too tired or it's too hot to deal with it!LOL

Take care,

LeAnne said...

Holy smokes, girl, take it easy with that asthma! We have a storm brewing here, I hope it will be blowing your way. That published card is AWESOME...that set never appealed to me but seeing it colored like that, plus that awesome burlap ribbon....well, it's just plain stupendous and totally publish-worthy!!! Stay cool, my friend!

Lisa Elton said...

Big hug and congrats Colleen, love the texture on this one! Bravo to you and your family for tackling this project in this icky humidity and heat!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw your card in the issue and was really drawn to that fun burlap ribbon stuff!

It is hot and humid here too. The heat index making it even worse.

I have bought from Ebay but never sold on it. Too lazy. I definitely need to weed out some of my old SU stamps I never use but they will have to stay in boxes for now. Besides we still have no camera.

Stay cool!

Chris R. from Iowa

Bonnie said...

I was so excited when I saw your card in the Paper Crafts Magazine! Made me wish I'd bought that stamp. Love the bulletin board. What a great idea and to repurpose your grandmother's frame makes it even more special. Hope you are able to stay cool and breathe.

Martha Herrera said...

Congratulations on being published! That is fantastic!
Your cards are always stunnng!
I love your bulletin board, just beautiful! Take care and keep cool.

Julia S-W said...

Congratulations for the publication. I really love the card with all the elements: stamping, colour, sentiment, composition and the twine etc.

Lucky daughter to have such an up market board! I'm sure mine would want one if she saw this!

To put your HOT weather into perspective: it rained AGAIN today, I'm wearing a fleece and it's cold enough in the evening to pop the heating on for an hour or so!! I don't know which of us is the most unlucky really, especially as I hate the heat but I'm getting very fed up with the rain.

Your lovely creations have cheered me up though.

Benzi said...

Mega congrats on your publish. I do love the card.

You make my head swirl just thinking of all you're doing. Glad you could sell some of the unused stamps.

Great frame/bulletin board. I bet your daughter is loving it.

I can't imagine being in the attic with those temps. An attic can be a hot, hot place. You better take care.

Unknown said...

It no surprise to me that you were published. Your cards are gorgeous. I just love popping in and getting inspired by you.. And that frame is so creative.. Well done!


Maria said...

Congrats on being published for the beautiful card! And, oh my, you have been very busy! Sweet lovely fun project for you daughter! And, good luck with all your eBay items for sale! Take care and have a great weekend, hugs!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh, I like the frame so much better in black. Great project! Congrats on your fabulous card being published, too! I can't imagine it would ever get ho-hum. It's great validation, and think how many folks you inspire in print in addition to online. Good luck with all your projects and, for heaven's sake, don't knock yourself out in the heat!

Patrice said...

Congratulations Colleen! Happy, happy! I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup this week!

nwilliams6 said...

Congrats on being published again - you are such a great creator/artist/carder. Love the card and the frame! Wonderful stuff. Take care of yourself! Hugz!

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