Monday, August 9, 2010

Greetings from the Jersey Shore

Yesterday my husband, the girls and I took a day trip to the Jersey Shore. 
We like to go to Longport.  It is not too far from Atlantic City, but it is so different. 
As we travel through the small towns to get to Longport, it is like traveling through a game of Monopoly.  We see Marvin Gardens (it is a real, and really pretty, neighborhood), pass by Pennsylvania Avenue, the Boardwalk, and go through the town of Ventnor. 

In Longport, multi-million dollar homes are part of the neighborhood.  I wish I could have taken photos of the many gorgeous houses I saw, but I wasn't sure if that was legal, or if homeowners would have appreciated that.  So, I stuck to a photo of a lifeboat near the lifeguard's station.  Not as exciting, I know.   :)

One of the unique things about Longport is its smiley face water tower.  I found this photo on the Internet:

If that doesn't say "Welcome" I don't know what does!

It felt good to take a day trip (and find two pieces of sea glass - yay!), but I'm glad to be back home stamping again.

Hope you're enjoying your summer, too!



Emily Keaton said...

Hi, Colleen!! I hope you had a fabulous time at the beach. Thanks for the photos!! I loved reading about all of the places you saw from Monopoly :) That's the kind of thing *I'd* get excited about. Cool!

Marisa said...

How fun, a real Pennsylvania and Boardwalk! Glad you had a wonderful day out :D

wendyp said...

Beautiful photos!!! Its been awhile since we've been to the shore. Usually head to Brigantine but might just have to check out Longport next time. looks gorgeous!

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