Monday, August 2, 2010

Storage - thinking outside the box

I have plenty of small, die-cut paper pieces that needed storage.  At first, I just put them into a plastic zip-top baggie.  That wasn't good enough for me, as my collection grew.  One night I sorted them by shape (organizing is one of my favorite things to do - honestly!) and decided upon some new storage options.

These boxes came from soaps purchased at Marshall's/TJ Maxx for a couple of bucks each.  The soaps are terrific, but so are the pretty containers.  Each now holds a stash of die cuts, and they smell wonderful as a bonus!

While I was sorting through these paper shapes, some of the pieces got me thinking of card ideas.  I kept those out, and grouped certain things together.

You know when you buy rhinestone or pearl stickers in those clear envelopes that have adhesive closures?  I always carefully remove my stickers from those envelopes and save them.  I use these now to store those die cut pieces that will eventually be used on specific cards.  

And one more idea for you.
It gets messy when cut from the roll, and it can be hard to search for just the right scrap you need sometimes.

I have these clear zippered bags left over from curtains I recently bought.  I sorted my ribbon by color families and voila!  Scraps contained. 

I hope these ideas have helped you, if you are in need of storage ideas.  Thanks for joining me!

Happy Stamping,


Marisa said...

You up for a vacation to British Columbia - I could sure use your organizational skills. Hubby is a great chef!! What wonderful ideas. I need to do a craft room overhaul. Problem is I'd much rather be stamping than organizing LOL! It's on my summer to do list so hope to get to it, or at least part of it :D Thanks for the nudge.

Bonnie said...

Some really great organization ideas. I use left over CD paper envelopes to store die cuts. When I worked at the library and processed the books on cd, we had tons of the envelopes left over. They have a little window so you can see what's in there. I like the soap box idea better. They probably smell heavenly!

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, Colleen, I'm with Marisa--please come visit me in MA to help me organize my space!!! I LOVE all of your ideas here, and I LOVE to see how you repurposed packaging to suit your organizational needs. The soap boxes are SO pretty!!! I love how you used them, too. I try so hard to be organized, but it all falls apart for me. I certainly don't have your gift for it!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas--so cool :)

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